2 Recipes for Delicious Umm Ali – Egyptian Dessert


There are quite a few good recipes for Umm Ali out there. After some searching we think these two great recipes are the best for this easy to make and scrumptious dessert. The first one by Global Table is the more traditional version using puff pastry and includes step by step instructions with gorgeous photography, you can find it here: globaltableadventure.com. The second recipe by the adorable Titli, find the recipe here: Titli’s Busy Kitchen includes an instructional video. Let your taste buds travel to Egypt and Enjoy!


Ali’s Mother (Umm Ali)



Here is the origin of Um Ali ( An excerpt from www.globaltableadventure.com)

Egyptians have been eating Um Ali for hundreds of years. Clifford A. Wright tells the story well:

One day while hunting in the Nile delta, the sultan developed a ravenous appetite and stopped in a small village. The peasants wished to please the sultan, so the best cook of the village, Umm Ali, pulled out a special pan and filled it with the only ingredients she had around: some dried wheat flakes, sultanas [raisins], nuts, and coconut. She covered it with sugar and milk and put it in the village’s oven.

Excerpt from A Mediterranean Feast


Recipe 2
YouTube Preview Image

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